Anonymous said: what brushes do you use?

Hi! Here are the brushes I have been playing with lately:

Sorry it isn’t too clear with the resize! I usually use flat or spread brushes, but recently I’ve been experimenting with the “HalfRound” and “Rough Vertical” brushes! The Half Round is less harsh than a flat brush, and is really nice for solid, curved strokes. The Rough Vertical is cccrazy and jaggedy and all over the place!! I really like its edgy, exaggerated curves. I also like to set my pen to a watercolor texture for a slight dry marker kind of look, while playing around with density levels. 

I was also wondering if I should just make an FAQ for settings like these? Also, these are SAI settings so I’m not quite sure how they translate into other programs.. anyways, happy drawing (and sorry for all the writing)!!

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