A♥O♥Y♥A♥G♥I !


Happy birthday Teshima!!! You’re a real star!! ☆☆☆

Happy birthday Teshima!!! You’re a real star!! 

shoot for the stars![process gif ☆]


Some of my T2 from the past couple months as well!!  I update more often on twitter! ( W^)人(^^ξ )

MORE YOWAMUSHI PEDAL from the past couple months!! (*⌒∇⌒*) (rings bike bell) 

ARAKITA for moo's Arakita zine!!! GAO!! ▽△▽△▽△▽ (Thank you moo for inviting me!! ♥♥)

ARAKITA for moo's Arakita zine!!! GAO!! ▽ (Thank you moo for inviting me!! ♥)

A couple FE:A artbook illustrations I’ve done this past year! ♥I LOVE FIRE EMBLEM!!!

HELLO EVERYBODY!! I’m really excited to announce my T2 zine, ST☆RSTRUCK!, is finally up for PRE-ORDERS! 



ST☆RSTRUCK!- A T2/Teshima & Aoyagi (Yowamushi Pedal) fanbook!

*$15 6x6” saddle stitch bound
*32 full color pages (front and back)

The first 10 receive both the button and postcard set with their order, while the next 10 receive the postcard set with their order!

***IF YOU ARE GOING TO AX and would like to pick it up, there is a separate link for this HERE! Please have your name and/or order number ready — my table is C44 (nickname SOHOKU)!! I am seated beside my friends who will also have AMAZING pedal zines, so please come visit PEDAL ROW!!! 

Pre-orders will end July 2nd, and will be shipped out during the second half of July after AX. All items (zine, buttons, postcards) will then be sold separately in the near future! 

I’m bursting with many, many emotions at once right now, but I’m really really really happy I could do this and share it!! I truly hope you enjoy.. I poured my heart out and I couldn’t have been happier working for something! Thank you so, so much for all the support!! 

P.S. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments! Additionally my YWPD twitter account is @ T2PSY if you would like to talk!